SubRacing Series

SubRacing Series is a sport for the 21st century. It will push the boundaries of technological innovation and tests participants' performance in the face of extreme adversity. Only those with a true pioneering spirit, ingenuity and the strongest fortitude will be victorious.


Until Proof of Concept 2 - Invitational in Arinaga Bay, Gran Canaria - 21 September 2024

What is SRS

SubRacing Series is a sport for the 21st century. It will push the boundaries of technological innovation and tests participants' performance in the face of extreme adversity. Only those with a true pioneering spirit, ingenuity and the strongest fortitude will be victorious.

In time, SRS will expand into a gaming and an E-sports ecosystem that stimulate engagement with the sector of society that wish to be a part of the SubRacing Series in the metaverse.


The submarines in the SubRacing Series will be crewed by two people (pilot and navigator) who will use a combination of natural vision (i.e. not supported with various forms of technology) and augmented-reality (AR) to navigate along a Race-Tube (3-dimensional race course) to complete the subseavitorious. These underwater machines, Racing submarines have been dubbed SubRacers, The SubRacers will be powered, using batteries (or other sorts of energy i.e. hydrogen cells) and are envisaged to retain a human-powered element to preserve the physical connection between humans and the ocean. This will ensure that both and in this way test both the physical and mental qualities of the crew are tested.

Fans of SRS will experience the race through multiple forms of media, including live, AR and recorded footage.

One of the SRS's biggest challenges is bringing a subsea racing series to an audience in real time. Through a combination of the latest advances in subsea communication and AR, audiences will be the ability to witness all the drama and excitement live.


The Submarine Racing Series will be a series of races in globally iconic coastline locations and exist in the uncharted and turbulent nearshore aquasphere.

Each racing location will represent a subsea arena which have pre-defined markers that the crew will need to pass through, but will be in the 3-dimensional (3D) subsea space, so will defined as a Race-Tube rather than a 2D car racetrack.


Proof of Concept One was successfully completed in Sept 2023. The first Invitational is scheduled for 17 Sept 2024, Arinaga Bay, Gran Canaria. In due course, we are planning for 10 races to exist per 12-month session.

Concept image of sub racerGlobe


In many ways, the nearshore zone, where SubRacing will exist, is more hostile than outer-space. Added to the fact that there are powerful currents, rapid pressure changes and obstacles to crash into, high-bandwidth audiovisual communication is almost impossible. Without launching into exhaustive scientific definitions, for the purposes of the SubRacing Series, nearshore zone is the subsea space underneath any type of coastal wave action, from gentle to storm waves. This is the subsea zone where the energy of the ocean collides with the land. This space represents our subsea racing arena.

The technology of the submarines:

  • Power
    • Human Powered Submarines
    • Powered (Electric / Human Powered)
  • Buoyancy
  • Steering
  • Navigation
  • Life-support system
  • Emergency Systems

Racing Disciplines:

In total we envisage 4 racing disciplines. Our initial focus is "The Human in the Machine" and this represents the core of the SubRacing series. In time we plan to expand the to include drone racing and with all the data and real-world experience we gather, further expand into realistic simulation-racing and further include fantasy gaming on the other end of the racing spectrum.

How SRS will broadcast a subsea race:

Providing a high quality audio-visual link from the subsea environment to an audience around the world is extremely challenging. Further challenges exist in that we aim to follow the SubRacing and be able to broadcast from the Pilot and Navigators perspective, in real-time. But why is this so challenging? Essentially all of the technologies that exist on land i.e. WiFi, Bluetooth for high-band width communication, would completely fail underwater, due to the density of water being 800 times that of air. The good news is that there are some light and laser technologies (i.e. Bluecomm) that have been proven to work underwater, but these will need to be tested and modified for a highspeed racing series. We currently envisage a suite of technologies, some hardwired, some with buoyed transmitters and others using laser, light, sound or other innovations to bring the SubRacing Series to a land-living audience.

Engineering and coastal ocean monitoring (How to deploy in this environment)

To understand the bottom currents Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs) can be moored to the seafloor looking towards the surface. These devices monitor different “bins” (stratified layers within the water column) and asses the speed of particulate matter moving through said bins. Deployed as a single monitoring station or as monitoring arrays they can deliver both spatial and temporal current data either post-processed or in real-time which can aid the teams in hydrodynamic design choices and deliver real world data to racing avatars.

Ocean current modelling to best support the SubRacing Series, a coastal ocean monitoring system equipped with a network of smart buoys and sensors, possibly including underwater drones in the future could be deployed. These devices would provide real-time data on water conditions, and environmental factors, ensuring both the safety and competitiveness of the submarine races while contributing to broader oceanic research.

Concept image of sub racerConcept image of sub racerConcept image of sub racer

Our timeline


Proof of Concept 1 was completed in Arinaga Bay, Gran Canaria, at the end of September 2023.


Proof of Concept 2 is the first invitational, happening on 17 September 2024, in Arinaga Bay, Gran Canaria.


Pilot Series, exact location, and date TBC.


10 Races to exist per 12-month session.


The SubRacing Series (SRS) deeply resonates with the overarching Vision and Mission of the UNESCO Ocean Decade. Embodying the mantra, "the science we need for the ocean we want," SRS merges cutting-edge technology and ocean science to create a sport that enlightens, entertains, and educates. In doing so, we provide transformative ocean science solutions aimed at sustainable development, essentially acting as a conduit that links people with the ocean, in alignment with the Decade's Mission. The SubRacing Series (SRS) aligns harmoniously with Ocean Decade Challenges 10, 9, and 8, transforming the way we interact with and understand our oceans.

Challenge 10

SRS goes beyond traditional sports to connect people's hearts and minds to the ocean's vital role in human wellbeing, culture, and sustainable development. Through an immersive, high-tech racing experience set in iconic marine locations, we overcome barriers of public apathy and ignorance, thereby changing humanity's relationship with the ocean.

Challenge 9

Our innovative use of submarine technologies serves as a platform for capacity development and knowledge dissemination. The tech-centric nature of our racing series provides equitable access to cutting-edge information, skills, and tools across various aspects of ocean science. It's not just about the race; it's about empowering all stakeholders, from professional to amateur enthusiasts, to gain a better understanding of marine technologies and ecological imperatives.

Challenge 8

SRS contributes to the creation of a comprehensive digital representation of the ocean. Our subsea arenas, navigated in real-time using augmented reality (AR), offer unprecedented data sets for a dynamic ocean map. These data can be integrated into broader initiatives, offering free and open access to visualize past, current, and future ocean conditions.

In conclusion, by linking sports entertainment with scientific inquiry and public education, the SubRacing Series encapsulates a multi-stakeholder approach to preserving and understanding our most valuable resource – the ocean.


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